DMC Storyteller Video Series: “In the Middle of Innovation” with Heidi Nelson, M.D.

Transformation occurs when people step away from old ways of thinking and take new, more effective approaches to growing and enhancing the places they live.

DMC has collected a handful of stories about individuals who are transforming Rochester in the new “DMC Rochester, MN Storyteller Videos.” These snapshots of forward-thinking people and approaches showcase the opportunities that exist in Rochester as DMC sets in motion a new future for America’s City for Health.

In the Middle of Innovation

Rochester is leading the world in life-changing discoveries.

Discovery Square is a first-of-its-kind urban research campus, fostering innovation in the life science industry. It serves as a groundbreaking, mixed-use neighborhood for entrepreneurs, researchers, startups, and established businesses.

Within Discovery Square, Mayo Clinic is adding more than 2 million square feet of collaborative space to accelerate new advancements in life science research, medical technology, patient care, and education.

Transforming Health Care and the Community

Heidi Nelson, M.D., is a colon and rectal surgeon and chair of the Department of Surgery at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. Dr. Nelson is featured in the DMC Rochester, MN Storyteller Video highlighting “Innovation”, and she believes it is an important component in the success of America’s City for Health.

“We live in a rapidly changing world with what seems like limitless possibilities for technological and digital advances in patient care and wellness,” Nelson says. “Mayo should be leading these efforts. We should be transforming the healthcare world starting with the community we live in.”

Dr. Nelson is excited about the possibilities that exist to take Mayo Clinic and Rochester to a new level of development and enrichment and the opportunity to redefine health and wellness.

“DMC is an exciting opportunity to grow health care, wellness, and local businesses outside of the traditional walls of Mayo Clinic,” she says, “and in a way, is giving back.”

Watch the DMC, Rochester, MN Storyteller Video and learn more from Dr. Nelson about how innovation is impacting the future of health and wellness.