MPR News: Will millennials dig Rochester’s ambitious downtown plan?

20141216_dmc01_33Mayo Clinic officials are in the early stages of a 20-year, multi-billion dollar growth plan, the most ambitious economic development project in Minnesota history. Attracting millennials to Rochester is critical to the success of that project, the Destination Medical Center.

Getting young professionals excited enough to come and stay, however, may be an uphill climb.

“Eighteen-year-olds are leaving Rochester, many of them, to go to post-secondary” education, said Patrick Seeb, director of economic development and placemaking for the DMC development agency. “We need to do everything we can to attract 22-year-olds back to our community.”

Rochester, he said, is working to make the city an attractive place for millennials to live and work, as cities around the country vie for this demographic to replace retiring baby boomers.

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