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Kicking off 2017: DMC puts you in the middle of it all

The DMC vision is not one that can be accomplished alone – or overnight. But with the advancements that took place on the DMC Development Plan over the past year, Rochester is well on its way to becoming a premier global medical destination.

It doesn’t take an urban planner to recognize the qualities it takes for a city to be successful. DMC is in the middle of it all: growth, investment, culture, community, innovation… the list goes on. And Rochester is hitting the mark on each attribute, ensuring 2017 will be another year of success.

Growth: A map on the DMC website highlights the fourteen projects currently in various stages of development in the DMC district, including the Alatus Development Project in St Marys Place (#14), the Titan-OPUS Project in Discovery Square (#3), and the Lofts at Mayo Park in the downtown Waterfront (#9), just to name a few.

Investment: Private investment gained significant momentum during 2016 that put DMC on course to reach the $200 million threshold that unlocks $585 million in public funds spanning over 20 years.

How you can help Mayo Civic Center be the Center of it all

Landscaping continues alongside Riverfront Plaza, our new outdoor reception venue
Landscaping continues alongside Riverfront Plaza

The vision of DMC is to create a high-quality experience for community members and visitors to Rochester. The Mayo Civic Center, with its new expansion, will do just that.

The Mayo Civic Center is a strong community asset. Not only does it help to generate business for the community, but it also provides arts, culture, and entertainment that add vibrancy to Rochester.

Gabe on the Street: Sports & Recreation

Each week, Gabriel Yeager, DMC Super Volunteer and high school student, will talk with member of the community, patients and visitors about one of the 7 areas of focus for Destination Medical Center. This installment talks about Sports and Recreation. Share your ideas on how to develop this area in Rochester and the region through the comments section below.

Rochester’s potential for an active and healthy future

Nicole Yates, Blog Author
Nicole Yates, Blog Author

Hi, my name is Nicole Yates. I was born and raised here in Rochester. I graduated from Century in 2009 and the University of Minnesota Rochester in 2013. I plan to get my Masters in Healthcare Administration from Saint Mary’s University. I would like to find a job here and one day start a family. I have enjoyed growing up in a city where health is the main focus. This is the primary reason why I have chose the path I am on.

From the beginning I have been excited about DMC and all the potential opportunities it will bring to Rochester and the state of Minnesota. In 10-20 years Rochester will be a global destination. People will enjoy coming here not only to seek treatment at the Mayo Clinic, but to engage in all the activities and culture Rochester will have.

Rochester offers a wide range of sports and recreation activities. We have three amateur sports teams: Rochester Giants (football), Honkers (baseball), and the Ice Hawks (hockey). I have been to a Honkers and Ice Hawks game, but have yet to make it to a Giants game. I also enjoy going to Quarry Hill, especially in the fall to hike. Besides hiking I love spending time by the water. At Silver Lake you can rent canoes and paddle boats for a small fee and spend the afternoon on the water. Finally, Rochester is currently in the process of completing their Master Bike plan which will allow cyclists to travel anywhere in the city by bike safely.

I hope as Rochester continues to grow in the next few years  we can have more 5k’s. For example, something similar to the Tough Mudder, it could be held at Skyline speedway. Many patients who travel here bring their families, however they do not always have a car. It would be convenient to have a bowling alley and arcade located downtown for patients families and people traveling here for sports tournaments that do not want to venture far. A nice miniature golf course or water park would be fun for families too. It would be neat for families who want to go on the bike trails, but who were unable to bring a bike, have a place to rent them. In the Twin Cities they have eco bikes. You can rent them for a small fee, ride around, and drop them off at the same or different station. Finally, a drop in work out center that is inexpensive and located downtown would be beneficial for patients and their families.

What are sports and recreation activities you enjoy in and near Rochester? What else can Rochester do to promote a healthy community? Share your thoughts by commenting below.

‘Slider’ shares his vision for Rochester

Slider, Blog Author
Slider, Blog Author

I love Rochester because we have a very diverse population, and you see all types of people coming through the turnstiles at Mayo Field. There are seasoned veterans who have been coming every season, and there are younger fans just getting into baseball, and may be coming to their first game. Some people are really serious about baseball and religiously keep score, while others are just out on the deck to eat, drink and enjoy a night out with family or friends.

The Rochester Honkers are a drawing point when people choose to come to Rochester to live or visit or medical care.  We are truly a quality of life benefit to the city.

One thing the Rochester Honkers, the city and fans would benefit from is an updated/renovated stadium. While the Honkers have made many improvements to Mayo Field over the years, the facility shows its age.  Additional handicap-accessible seating areas, better and cleaner restrooms, increased accessibility and seating could help make the overall experience in Rochester what the city is all about – top notch!

Our fans are loyal, have been coming for years, and they deserve to be as comfortable as possible while watching the team play or watching other events at the ballpark! If the necessary improvements could be made to Mayo Field (or even if a new stadium were to be built), I believe the Honkers baseball experience could become even more rewarding and potentially draw even more fans to our games – plus continue to put Rochester on the map as a destination!

I am very hopeful for Rochester’s future, and one of the reasons is because we have one of the premier medical institutions in the U.S. in Mayo Clinic. It will continue to draw many visitors here. Going to a baseball game is a great option to have for entertainment, relaxation and a brief moment when one can get lost in America’s pastime and forget some of their troubles for a few hours.  Having an affordable attraction like the Honkers in town gives families an opportunity for very reasonably priced entertainment during the summer, and we as an organization strive to continue to provide the best experience possible. I’d also get to see and meet more happy fans too!

Slider is mascot to the Rochester Honkers Baseball Club, a member of the premier summer collegiate league, The Northwoods League, has been in existence since the inaugural season of 1994, celebrating our 20th season in 2013. You can read more about our team here!