Tracking success. Sharing results.

Destination Medical Center (DMC) is moving at a good pace, and it seems like every time we turn around there is something different or new happening in the DMC District that is changing the landscape in an exciting way.  We’ve created a way that you can track the momentum easily with the click of a button on the new DMC Metrics Dashboard.

This new tool offers an at a glance way to stay up to speed on the progress being made toward each of the goals outlined in the DMC Development Plan.

The goals of the Development Plan include:

1)      Create a comprehensive strategic plan.

2)      Leverage the public investment of $585 million.

3)      Create approximately 30,000 new jobs.

4)      Generate approximately $7.5-8 billion in new net tax revenue.

5)      Achieve the highest quality patient, companion, visitor, employee, and resident experience.

For each goal, supporting documentation – from comprehensive strategic plans to financial investment details – is available for viewing. Detailed reports are also available for download.

DMC Economic Development Agency Executive Director Lisa Clarke says the numbers in the dashboard indicate DMC is on-track with estimates originally forecasted by the plan. “It’s encouraging to see the numbers align with the projections,” says Clarke. “With this data, we are able to visually demonstrate that investments are being made, jobs are increasing, and the initiative is working.”

In addition to tracking progress with the metrics dashboard, DMC also features projects in the district on an interactive map. Click on a sub-district or marker to learn more about the vision, plans, and growth.

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  1. You may want to check your wording on goal 5. We all know that the truth is residents are considered last with all DMC initiatives, but to flat out list it in your goals like that? Cmon…

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